You have a maximum of 24 hours to reach the convergence location

In 2021 the Convergence location is “Meriden”, which is the geographic centre of England.

  • The rules:
  • The event begins at Midday on the Saturday, and ends 24 hours later
  • You must finish between 6am and 12pm (6 hour window) on the Sunday
  • You can start at Midday, or choose to start later if you wish
  • You do not tell anyone where you start
  • You can start as near to, or as far away as you choose
  • You bet on your own ability, and on how far away others may choose to start
  • Start too close, and you may not rank high
  • Start too far away and you may not make the convergence point on time
  • All distances are measured as the crow flies
    • 30 miles – Silver
    • 60 miles – Gold
    • 90 miles – Black
    • If you do not reach the finish line by midday, you get nothing….

You will be watched from the all-seeing Crow from afar using the miracle of Track Trail Live, the next generation GPS tracking platform

The excitement for both you, and those watching from home is worth the entry fee alone!

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